Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Randomness

Seriously folks, you have no idea how many photos I take with this blog in mind - here's a few more for your enjoyment!

My first Pedicure and my first pair of "flip flops"

Before I went on my trip in May my sister took me for my first pedicure! I loved it and then I had to buy a pair of croc flip flops to show them off! I bought these on City Walk by Universal Studios!

While we were there, Kim had to give me Flip flop walking lessons because my foot cramped up so bad from trying to hang on to them with my toe muscles! Now you know I have some SERIOUS deep inner issues...we'll save that for a later post. Maybe

I like small things - I always loved my doll house, and those miniature glass animals my Grandma used to put in her mini terrarium when I was growing up. I have a small collection of small Longeberger Baskets - HEY they have BIG prices! So it makes sense that as soon as I would see these small sized condiments I would awe over them! Yes they are blurry - sorry!

Pictured here for your size comparison are Kim's fingers! One thing I learned during this trip is that Kim has the same gift my son David has and that is the gift of knowing what to order at a restaurant! At this particular meal I should have ordered the steak instead of the pizza - keep in mind I love both! More than once I've been with her and wished I ordered what she ordered!

A few months ago we had phone line troubles - every time it rained the phone lines would go out, which of course knocked out the internet - another reason blogging was slow around here. These guys spent many afternoons in my backyard - I'm not sure I would want to be up there in the tent - the electricity is running right by them too! Right now they have spent about a week across the street - seems they need to fix all the lines in our area!

That's all the randomness a person can take - for one day anyway!


Emily said...

Thank you for your sweet words on my blog today. It really helped.

Marilyn R said...

Working under that tent thing doesn't look like fun at all! I agree, I wouldn't like working on power lines with that tent thing over me either! I guess even the thought of working close to "live" wires doesn't sound like fun either!

Homeschool Housewife said...

Ok, I have to say. It looks like Sponge Bob got caught in your power lines.

Then I have to ask, How do you walk in flip flops and not grip it with your toes. This might be my problem, because I can never wear them long.

And your toes are beautiful. I love the color you picked.

Have a great weekend and congratulations on your son's engagement!