Monday, June 30, 2008


In about an hour it will be July 1st. Where does time go? Where has Summer gone? I heard on the news that the last 7 months have been cloudier than normal and if we have one more we'll break a record. We also might have our SECOND 90 degree day this week - I just might break a sweat! Okay - I suppose we could be battling fires or floods - so maybe I better stop whining!

I must admit I like it warm but I also like not paying the electricity company so much money while the AC runs AND the pool filter, so I am NOT complaining - BUT HEY we only get 3 months of summer here and I feel shortchanged!

One good thing about the coming of July is our 4th of July Family Festivities which involve walking to the Fair, watching the parade, tasting new fair foods like fried alligator, fried Twinkies and well - I suppose whatever they might fry this year. We manage to get some swimming in and walking over to the fireworks on the 4th.

I love having my family and friends here and just hanging out!


Amy said...

I can't wait to be one of those friends just hanging out! Only 15 more days! I can't wait. The kiddos are excited as well to meet Steph...POPCICLE!


Bren said...

I am also amazed at how quickly July is here! The beginning of the month is so full that it will fly by too!

John said...

I am soooooo looking forward to our annual family trek to the fair. I know it may seem wierd, but it is a real cool tradition and I just enjoy spending the day(s) with our great family. Char, you did not mention that you will definitely be seeing John M. at Olympia Gyros for your traditional Fair Favorite. One work day left and then the festivities begin - YEAH!!!!!!!

Marilyn R said...

Yes, it seems like I have blinked and June is over. I have enjoyed our cooler summer so far...sorry! I am looking forward to some of the traditional food things at the 4th celebration too - can you say elephant ear? Yum!

mom said...

:::sigh::: The summer always flies right by after the 4th! It's been much much cooler this summer than in the past. In fact, I'm sitting here with a big ol' sweater on right now which seems to be quite common for me this season. Wish I could send you some cool and you could send me some warm!

Enjoy the holiday!

Tammy ~@~