Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've Lost my Mo Jo

I was spending a lovely afternoon with my friend Marilyn sitting outside telling her how I just haven't scrapbooked lately and wonder if I'll ever get back to it. She said --"You've lost your Mo Jo".

Lost my Mo Jo???? Sounds like a cup of coffee to me but she assured me it was a term used among quilters for when you just don't feel like sewing right now. I suppose we could use it for lots of things - including scrapbooking and blogging!

You'll notice on the side of this blog that I was scrapbooking when I started, in fact I had a regular goal that seemed doable and if you check the archives you'll find out that it just slipped away from me. Once David's injury entered the picture I gave it up entirely!!

To top it off I still sell Creative Memories so if you haven't lost your Scrapbooking Mo Jo and want to order something go ahead! There are some fabulous new Disney products you just might want to try out! Maybe you'll inspire me to find my Mo Jo.

So there you have it -- I've lost my Mo Jo! I can't wait to get it back....

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