Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An evening in May

It was a brilliant night with stars shining over Lake Michigan. They walked to the end of Navy Pier in Chicago, and there on bended knee my oldest son asked the girl he first met at age 10 to marry him. And of course she said YES!

(I know, I know I should have told you sooner!)


John said...

Hey, at least this kid knew the right way to propose. I am glad that he did not follow in my foot steps. Congratulations Paul and Lindsey.

mom said...

How exciting!!!!!

O'Ma said...

I am soooooo very happy for them...they make a great couple...cute on the outside and sweet on the inside. You can really tell they love and care for each other...I feel Blessed to add her into our family (of craziness).


Oma and Upa