Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seriously Folks

I stood on top of the extra thick mattress in the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando to capture this amazing tidbit - I mean - this is something YOUR MAMMA never taught YOU!

Contact with Sprinkler Will Cause Flooding maybe in the backyard when we were kids - maybe in the backyard right now -- where are YOUR kids?

That's gonna be alot of flooding - being it was 10 foot (at least) in the air and we were on the 4th floor! It should have some kind of arrow on it that symbolizes if the room above hangs something on there's YOUR room is gonna flood - pays to be neighborly!

Ponder this -- okay seriously now -- nothing about FIRE? Just Flooding? If the place is burning, then we WANT our hangers on the sprinkler system -- is this how they work? Is this practical? What happened to STOP DROP and ROLL? Now it's JUMP, HANG and FLY outta the room!

I'm wondering if I need to place crazy notes on things around the house like

Warning - toilet may overflow when flushed

Flooding will occur if you leave the hose on and in the pool overnight

Dryer will catch on fire if you never clean the lint trap

Leaving food in the oven to long causes burnt food.

What do you think?


kimberdee said...

After spending a week with someone you would normally be sick of them, right? NOT me! I love your humor! I could have spent another week traveling from resort to resort with you. You are the funniest person I know! Can't wait until next time.......shhhh don't tell our John's.

Jessica said...

Hmmmm... That is interesting. I will have to remember to keep a hanger next to me when I sleep in the hotel room in case of emergency....

Marilyn R said...

Hmmmmm in my house when the smoke alarm goes off we know the pizza is done. Maybe we need a sign that says that?

Emily said...

I have actually been IN a hotel when there was a fire. pretty scary. It was easily contained, but still...I remembered my purse....that was instinct.

Carol Beth said...

David just explained this to me when we were in Orlando. I didn't know why you weren't supposed to hang things on the sprinkler heads until he told me. So, if you would like to come to my home and post little notes around my house it may actually be a service to this Texas community....just a thought!