Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I tried to upload a picture or two, but naturally blogger doesn't want to cooperate with me today - should I be surprised? Not really!

David is doing much better- most of the feeling has returned to his left leg, however there is still some numbness - and his leg is still weaker than when he began. For the most part the pain has subsided. At least until he begins physical therapy =)

Earlier this week we celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary! We spent Saturday away from the house, chores, and computers! It was a nice break. When we celebrated 23 years I gave my darling husband the 2 year notice - I'm expecting something FABULOUS at 25. Well, he's got ONE MORE YEAR now, for FABULOUS - I'm sure he can get all the ideas he needs between Stephanie, Jessica, Marilyn, and the rest of my friends!

Today is Living Well Wednesday and it's not going so hot. When things are hectic beyond belief I am the last person I think of. This works mostly because I usually do not get sick from busyness. However it just doesn't work well spiritually and I know I need to find some alone time to fill up again! After weeks of pouring out it's time to refill and the only way I know to do that is to be alone with the Lord. For me, that always begins with worship music, God's Word, Prayer and silence. Silence to hear what He has to say.

I think about all of my Blogging Friends often - I'm wondering where is Emily? Has she made it to wherever it was she was moving? And my friend in Alaska? Does the sun shine there??? Because it just isn't shining here anymore! Grey and more Grey! I am sure Bren is on to some new things with her family and homemaking and I can't help but wonder if she's evicted anyone or anything else lately? God was always speaking through Tammy and I am sure He hasn't stopped just because I haven't been reading! Marilyn and Jessica it's easy to keep up with they call and drop by! And I know Amy's Adventures have moved her across a few states too! And I see she found the Mickey Countdown I tried to get her to see on Jessica's blog weeks ago!

It seems I've run out of my allotted time for blogging this morning - I'd love to go on and link to all of my blogging buddies, who knows, maybe if I get a spare minute you'll get your Shout out nest time!

Oh, and some new friends have dropped by and I won't forget to check in on you! Everyone have a great day!

Talk to you soon!


mom said...

o/ :::waving at Charlene:::

Life has been crazy busy here and I'm vegging a bit this afternoon now that everyone has left. Of course, vegging means catching up a bit on the blog world and I see I have picked the perfect timing to catch you!

I do know what you mean about needing a refilling of God in the midst of so much activity as I'm right there with you. Perhaps the Lord will provide both of us with a taste of Him in the days ahead!

Glad to get the good update on your son :-)

Take care!

Tammy ~@~

Bren said...

So glad your son is doing better. That had to be scary.
Happy 24th!! Guess what I got for "fabulous"??? Well I was going to get a party, since I never had a wedding or reception, but instead we gave our son and DIL the wedding we never had. We did get a special dance, just for us at their wedding. Now I am almost at 29 and maybe 30 will be fabulous...although the kids wedding was worth it!
I have not evicted anybody, but that is not to say it won't happen again!! I am perimenopausal...hear me roar! I have been moving furniture alot and getting priorities in place! Hope you can visit soon.

AJsMom said...

Charlene, it sounds like you have the same problem I do. I get so busy with work, family and things to do, that I don't sit down with the Lord. I have to stop, like you, and refill as well. Isn't it amazing how wonderful it is when you actually take the time.

Emily said...

I'm HERE! And still trying to live well also. I'm trying to incorporate exercise into my routine (walking) and now that I'm settled into our new home I'm able to make more nutritious meals. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat healthy while moving and traveling?


And 24 years? Wow my friend. We celebrate our 15th this next week, and I was excited about that. But 24? Lucky woman.

Aunt Pat from Georgia said...

Oh well, I just lost the long blog I left after my first line stated, "I'm glad I finally learned how to leave my second message. Oh well. I don't feel like re-typing it all. Suffice it to say I am glad Dave is doing better. Praise God!

Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat from Georgia said...

Finally, I figured out how to leave my second message! I am elated David is doing so much better. Praise God! And Happy Easter! My church did a cool thing and had 1/2 hour slots from Palm Sunday to Good Friday where people volunteered to read the Bible. We made it all through to the end! On a funny note, my dad (who is extremely hard of hearing) thought I told him I was preaching on Sunday! He seriously thought I said this and even "bragged" to my sister (and Lord knows who else) about it! Eve calls me the next day wondering how come I didn't tell her I was preaching on Sunday!
Then I realized dad mistook "reading" for "preaching".
Oh well, at least that rumor about me was at least positive....

Love to all in Indiana, Aunt Pat

Bren said...

Where are you???? Everything OK??