Saturday, March 8, 2008

Patient Positioning

I think a few posts back I warned you that you might learn more than you bargained for by stopping by my blog. Well here's the phrase of the month.... Patient Positioning. More important than you ever knew and let me tell you why.

My Son went in for his Same Day Surgery on Wednesday - many of you have responded on the blog, e-mail, phoning and visiting. THANK YOU! It meant more than you will know!

Instead of having his surgery and coming home - hence the Same Day Surgery concept. He spent a few extra days due to Patient Positioning.

Hmmm....some of you may already be familiar with this most are still curious.

Patient Positioning can leave you without feeling in your extremities for days. Maybe even permanently. It's a dangerous little known side-affect of your surgery. Something YOU should know.

After David's surgery he began complaining about the OPPOSITE leg being numb, and tingly and not right. He came through recovery and was back in his room. Still complaining about his leg. NOT the leg he had the surgery on the OTHER leg. He'd finally done all the requirements for going home -- you know eat, drink, etc. It was time to discharge. We packed up his stuff, and got him his crutches so he could get up and change and that's when we all realized besides being numb and tingly he just couldn't really feel it. There was no way he could support his leg. He collapsed.


Back to bed and soon after he was being admitted. Patient Positioning

His surgery was 4 1/2 hours long and obviously his body didn't like it. We wondered if it was some reaction to the anesthesia. I mean how else could the GOOD LEG come out bad.

On Thursday Physical Therapy came in all prepared to just send him home.

How many stairs do you have, okay can you use the crutches, okay lets go. No way - his good leg wobbled and buckled and his knee just shook like crazy. Hmmmmm

Doctors and nurses called him Mystery Boy some called him Mystery Man. I don't think they all believed him - until they say him try.

The Doc ordered an MRI of his back. Looking for nerve damage or whatever.

We prayed, our families prayed, friends prayed, friends of friends prayed, prayer chains we don't even know prayed. God Answered. The entire time I had peace

From Wednesday until Friday he couldn't walk. The focus was not on the healing of his right knee, rather praying that his good leg would "wake up and work" again.

Friday morning Physical Therapy time and this time he got somewhere, the numbness was wearing off. By Friday Afternoon his thigh, and foot were no longer numb however his GOOD knee and most of his calf was. I know he was determined to get out of there and gave it his all, even though he couldn't feel everything he was supposed to.

The MRI came back negative and we were finally discharged. Wobbly and still slightly numb we brought him home.

Patient Positioning can cause permanent damage. Our son was not a candidate for this because of his age and his weight. The Doc told me that normally they see this in overweight patients because the nerves cannot handle the constant pressure of the persons weight pressing on it.

He explained it like this - Even when we sleep we move, we twitch, we roll over. If our body has some pain or isn't getting enough circulation to an area the body moves to a more comfortable position. God made us this way. (he really said that!) When we are in surgery our God given ability to increase circulation or move away from pain is suppressed. We are strapped down and out of it. Unfortunately there is no way to monitor this during surgery. He also told us we were lucky he had so much feeling back so soon that it could take a long time or possibly never heal.

We were not lucky

God was in charge!!


O'Ma said...

We are sooooo thankful to God that David was able to come home and we are claiming a full recovery. We are certainly humbled by this experience and reaching up to God. Prayers continue...we love you!

Bren said...

Char, I have been praying and will continue. It sounds like a full recovery will be made. God is faithful.

Marilyn R said...

God is good! I'm still praying for David for a total complete recovery. It is coming!

A Hoosier Family said...

God is "Jehovah Rapha"! :0)
It sounds like you've been through some struggles, but it's those struggles that we grow stronger in our faith.

I came to your blog searching for fellow A/G bloggers. (My hubby pastors an A/G church in Indiana.) It appears as if you may be A/G, because of mentioning the M'pact Girls Club in a previous post. If you are A/G, I would love for you to join the A/G blog ring. I am trying hard not to make this sound like spam! LOL In case you're interested, you can link to my blog via this comment, and I have links to the blog ring in several places. I hope you join!

Blessings, and keep trusting and believing in Him for that complete healing & recovery of your son! ~Sharon~

Emily said...

I like what you wrote about God knowing, and having peace. (which comes from Him anyhoo)

Scary stuff to deal with. I truly had never heard of all that positioning stuff. weird. BUt you explained it well.

Jessica said...

So glad David is home... It has been an intersting week! I think it will only get better.
HUGS to you!

mom said...

Wow, Charlene. I'm sure that was a hard thing to witness as a parent and yet the power of prayer was evident in your PEACE! :-)

Is there anything that can be done immediately after surgery to prevent the effects of patient positioning?

May David have a smooth recovery from this point on!

Tammy ~@~