Thursday, February 7, 2008

X-rays, Taco's, OH MY

Family Night in Immediate Care

Normally I prefer to have family night over pizza and garlic bread, or a good movie and popcorn snuggled up in the family room. A trip to the museum, games around the table, a bike ride or long walk!

Tonight we decided Immediate Care would make a great place. There's something about our family we can be at home anywhere. If we are together- there's fun to be had and family night can be anywhere - tonight proved it.

My Darling Son might have brought his Highschool Basketball Career to a premature end tonight. He's been playing on borrowed knees for quite some time - putting off the inevitable MRI and tonight landed wrong - ending up down for the count! I could bore you with the play by play details and how he promised me he wouldn't play in the next tournament game - he'd sit the bench and HE DIDN'T - because his team was loosing big and he's the Team Captain and he had to at least try. I could tell you the story of him being carried off the floor by his team members and laying on the floor telling his coach "My Mom's gonna kill me" - but would that be as interesting as all 4 of us going to Immediate Care together...

NOPE There we are not just sitting in Immediate Care we are making conversation, and THEN someone we knew came out with a contagious something or other and SHOOK ALL OF OUR HANDS-------thanks to my SIS I was completely prepared- after the contaminated someone left---I pulled out the antibacteria wash I now keep in my VERA BRADLEY purse and knocked that contamination right off our hands!! It was nice to see the contaminator and I hope the meds work fast.

From there it's onto the room - there was NOT ENOUGH room for all 4 of us in there -- BUMMER, so I sat with Darling Son and the fun continued all the way to the x-ray department. We had an interesting conversation about cell phone use in the x-ray department and how there's no cell signal in the rooms surrounded with lead walls.

Here's the verdict
NO SPORTS - I bet anyone of us could have figured that out!
Alieve- Not exactly rocket science here
Follow up with the Orthopedic next week- Yep, that's obvious
I added no driving - it's his right knee

I nearly forgot - THE MIGHTY SCHOOL EXCUSE FORM - do you think his teacher will accept it?

Medicine is so PREDICATBLE, but you have to play the game - and start on square one - the x-ray!
So until next week, we wait - Basketball Season ends the end of February.

Oh, before I forget - The Tacos' - we picked those up on the way home for dinner about 4 hours after the normal dinner hour. And ate them during a family movie - ah, finally Family Night!


Carol Beth Scott said...

Oh no! Here's to the eternal optimist making the best out of a bad situation...and immediately blogging it. (clink!)

Wilma L. said... sorry about David's injury. Hope it mends well, and not a lot of dammage is done.

O'Ma said...

Oh poor little GRANDson. Somehow I think he will manage to do sports...even with a set crutches. Do you have the basketball game for your WII? This could be a good time to visit someone in Arizona...hmmmmm.
Will pray that your knee just needs rest.
Hugs and Kisses for you Boo Boo!

Marilyn R said...

Hope the chocolate chip cookies help David. Chocolate can cure many ills! *G*

Jessica said...

At least you had fun through the whole experience, sis... I am also very proud of you for being prepared to kill the contamination!

Warren said...

BUmmer DAve....hope it's nothing too serious.

Aunt Pat form Georgia said...

Okay, like this is my first time on a blog. Is this like a chat room? I guess I'm showing my age. Diamond Dave, I am so sorry to hear about your mishap. You are in my prayers ans I hope the doc will come back and say it is not as bad as they had feared.

God bless you. Aunt Pat

David said...

who is that studly looking athlete.. i'd date him how old is he?

David said...

sorry about that last comment.. someone must have hacked my account...