Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Testosterone Makes Them Stupid"

Yes, that's a quote from the awesome nurse that listened to the story of how David Jacked Up his Knee. I needed that humor right then and there. I was getting a little tired of telling everyone how he did it. That was 2 weeks ago - you can bet I'm getting ready to make an audio book on how he jacked up his knee and now how he's gonna get it fixed. Want to buy it? I know more than I wanted to about ACL's Meniscus and treatment options.

Here's the short of what he did. He was going for a shot in the Basketball Game - it was a tournament - he heard something crack and went down - no foul play no glory - just DOWN. I knew immediately this was bad. I'd seen him roll off of MANY playing fields, and floors in my parenting a super jock years. I'm sure I've seen him exaggerate a few things also. He spent the rest of the game trying to get back into the game, stretching, sitting, pacing a bit went back in, got the ball got called on traveling because that leg just wasn't gonna go. BAD, very bad. I sit in the stand cheer for the team They win, easily.

"Mom, I'm gonna go with the team to the next game. I'm really hurting, I'm NOT GONNA PLAY." Sensible, but pointless question "Why don't we just go to the clinic now?" "We can go tomorrow, if I need to I really want to see the next game, I'm NOT GONNA PLAY"

He must have smiled that awesome smile he has, or flashed me those huge brown eyes, or the aliens were sucking my brain at that precise moment because I agreed.

Second Game - after some Ibuprofen, I went home - Mom, I'm not gonna play - the team is losing, he goes IN........YES HE GOES IN. He's the Team Captain, he's a shooter, he can shoot 3's when he's on, he's a senior - He's STUPID - Testosterone Makes him that way it's not his fault!

15 Seconds later


He hasn't walked on his own since.

Okay - so this hasn't been short - I guess for history sake I need to Blog this!

Cut to yesterday. We see the Doc after he sees the MRI

Quote - "Your knee is messed up" - "Bad" I'm wondering -- How much have I paid for this diagnosis? -- I knew that weeks ago. Nice guy, drives an Audi. Friend of the family. Hmm wonder if he goes to Disney ....

Treatment - leg brace - photo to follow. SURGERY - Major surgery. The nurse kept coming in and saying - "this is big, you are gonna need months of physical therapy" She'd pop back in - "Your Quad is going to be jello when this is over This is Big" I liked the Testosterone joke better.

Here's what he's done Game ONE - Completely Tore His ACL - requiring reconstruction - screws, taking tendons from other parts of his body and bone and putting it all back together.

Game TWO - Ripped his Meniscus off the bone and flipped it back over the other half of the meniscus - Bucket Handle Tear - which has locked his knee. This has to be repositioned and stitched back to the bone in hopes that enough blood flow will cause it to heal - if not - lots of arthritis, and eventually a new knee. He probably did this to BOTH of them - you have two per knee. Betcha didn't know THAT!

After surgery - lots of rehab, physical therapy and special treatment from his whole family. We all love him even his older brother who deserves a post or two about what great things he's been up to lately! I know this is not how he wanted to end his Senior year, sitting, recovering, and especially NOT DRIVING anywhere. How many of us would like to take back 30 seconds!

So, my blog is probably gonna be a bit sporadic, and more educational than you ever wanted it to be!

Thanks for hanging in to the end -- maybe YOU will be the XXtraordinary READER of this Blog! Here's that photo I promised you!

Please don't cry Oma - the brace actually makes him more comfortable and believe it or not - mobile. We love YOU and know you wish you could be here to really make him laugh!


Carol Beth said...

Just for the record - I didn't ask. When I had to answer the question: How did your leg get broken at age 33? I got tired of explaining why a freezer fell on it. I wondered about David, though!

I think it was the big brown eyes. They look lethal to me. So sad that he's not "dancing with ALL the ladies" for awhile!

O'Ma said...

I saw the picture...and I thought DEAR him...Please help him through this...
The brace just looks..&#%(#^%@#)&#%(^@#)%+#@+&%+@#()%&+ but as you tears.
OH poor baby...Oh David, know we love you...and please give your body a rest.
I have heard that WII makes the kind of games you should be playing now...try it - you may like it... your knees will like it.
Know we love you.
And here comes an Oma Warning...your smile is something else...we all know that...but you got to know when NOT to us it...hmmm. about some therapy in AZ? If you see a coyote coming...what better incentive to walk quicker...
Know that our prayers will be with you and the family...


Marilyn R said...

Well, at least now when someone asks the details you can just refer them to your blog! *G* There is a light at the end of the tunnel - it is just a very small one today - but it is there!

Teri said...

So sorry you are having to deal with all of this...I do have a friend who had similar stuff needed in both knees...he actually was healed on one knee and when they took him into surgery all they had to do was "clean things up a bit."

Keep praying!

Warren said...

I take exception to what that nurse said!! She must be a man-hater or something. Sorry to hear that David messed his leg up that bad. However,it proves he belongs to "our" side of the family: we tend to go all out when we do something!!

Emily said...

I agree with the above commenter about the nurse being a man hater. What's with that?

Men are warriors. They're scrappers and fighters. They want to scale mountains.

and play even when they shouldn't. :)

God made 'em that way.

Jessica said...

Yes... I agree with that nurse. Testosterone does make them stupid! And, that brace is sexy!

mom said...

Ohmigoodness, I cringed as I read all of your story! Ouch ouch ouch! BOYS! Yikes!

{{{{{Charlene}}}}} Hang in there!

Praying for you!

Tammy ~@~

David said...
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