Sunday, February 3, 2008

A National Holiday?? found me this graphic

I'm beginning to feel a bit unpatriotic. Today is the Super Bowl and we aren't doing anything special. We did have a Super Bowl Pot luck with a Soup Making contest after church today and it was fun watching everyone paint their hair, put on jerseys and poke fun at those rooting for the opposite team. The judges got to taste 11 different types of soup stew or Chili - watching the contestants vie with the judges was hillarious also. I personally enjoyed the fellowship and variety of food. I even enjoyed cleaning the kitchen - I think it's the commoraderee that I find fun. Everyone working toward a common goal - happily! The goal - a clean kitchen and fellowship hall -- yep, I love a clean room, even if it's not mine!

Now a bit about the teams - from what I'm told, the Patriots are working on a perfect season and I think it would be nice for them to finish with a perfect. I've also heard they are a bit braggy about it, and if that is the case I hope the Giants take them down. That's it. That's my big input on "THE" game. I will probably find out tomorrow who won. I doubt I'll be awake when the clock runs out.

A bit about the commercials - I hear they are the best of the year. They are expensive and creative and not to be missed. I think the cost of one of them could probably end hunger or bring water to a small country, instead of encouraging more beer consumption in the USA. I know, I'm a kill joy. You wouldn't be the first to think so.

A bit about Half-Time - I think it must be better live. On TV, well it's not that great. Of course the Janet thing was outrageous - I didn't see it live, but the replay was a bit much. Last year I relived some old Purple Rain moments, but all in all a better time would have been had cleaning the kitchen from the snacks - at least from my perspectinve!

I do however support nachos and cheese, pizza and pop. Along with any other type of finger food one would serve at a party.

And here's the Giant's logo just in fairness.

NFL New York Giants Glitter
May the best team win!!!


kimberdee said...

GO GIANTS!!!!! Hot wings, soda, chips & dip, cake.....and my personal favorite kraut & weiners. I think the half time shows are nowhere near as good as they used to be. I think the price of commercial airtime is outrageous! I am with you we could probably end world hunger with that money. I must admit that I loved the Budweiser commercials with the frogs. Almost kick off time....GO GIANTS!!

Jessica said...


Marilyn R said...

Dear Hubby watched the Super Bowl and was kind enough to rewind to let me see the commercials without having to watch the game. My kind of football game!