Friday, February 22, 2008

Just me, Checking in

I thought I should stop back in to my own blog and say HI! Today is the day we finally get the reading on the MRI for my darling son!

We've been on a Winter retreat with our Youth Group.

My computer is still not 100 percent - some things are just missing! Like my Ding flights to get me out of this cold snowy place!

I've been working hard and got my first Booking!

I've been catching up on all YOUR blogs!

The laundry monster is nearly tamed!

We are all still coughing like crazy around here.

And I just wanted the whole world to know what a sweetheart of a husband I have, so I didn't want to blog past his Valentine Letter to me!!! I wanted to keep reading it!


Emily said...

So what was the MRI for? I'm missing something here. :)

Aunt Pat from Georgia said...

Oh well, I lost the first message I left. Darn all this new fangled technology! Anyway..... that was a real sweet love letter John snetmy beloved niece. John is definitely a keeper!

My prayers continue for David. What a trooper. I beleive God still has many more basketball courts for Dave to dribble on!

Love from Aunt Pat

O'Ma said...

Welcome back...
Our prayers are going out for David. got my Sissy to blog. (Smiling)
If John did the letter for Valentine's Day...what will he do to top that for your anniversary?
Love you all and wish I could send a real hug across in cyberspace...maybe one day I can.

Prayers, hugs, and lots of love your way.


David said...

uhh i just want to say ur an awesome mom and thanks for taki ng care of me the last 2 weeks and the next 2 months.

Jessica said...

At least I know you are still here in the blogging world! Geez, sis, ya act like you are busy or something! Hee hee! Go to my blog... There is something there for ya!

PS...Remember,there is a room here for you when you need a break from your middle child, hee hee