Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How to Save a TREE

Step One - you purchase dry erase markers

Step two - you write on your table

Step three - you wipe it off

Spelling, math, grammar, you name it can all be done on the table and then wipe it away! No more taking down large forests for school paper!

Well except in the case where your darling daughter shows off her cursive writing that she knows you taught her, but only brings it out on special ocassions for SHOCK and AWE purposes!

Write on the TABLE - YEP you heard me - Write on the TABLE

EXCEPT for SHOCK and AWE purposes!


kimberdee said...

I do not dust anything in my house so I can use the dusty furniture as my chalk board... :o)

Emily said...

I wish I had one too! That's totally, absolutely WAY cool. I'd let the kids doodle all day if it erased okay.

Charlene said...

It's just my table - Emily you don't have a table????????

Jessica said...

Still the most awesome thing about your table!!!1