Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Extraction Time

I had no idea when I joined the Living Well Wednesday's group that Living Well was going to encompass my dental issues. I really thought it was going to be about my quest to make it back to my goal weight at Weight Watchers, and in the long run it is. However I am now on a new side trip - oral health.

I have been putting off taking care of my teeth for YEARS. Actually I'm not sure you could say that I EVER took care of my teeth. I really figured that as soon as we finished with the kids braces I'd start. My broken tooth last month changed that.

The appointment wasn't too terrible - he poked around a bit, took some x-rays and proclaimed that I needed to have THREE teeth extracted. Believe it or not I was HAPPY with this. It hurts far less to have them extracted than worked on. Two are wisdom teeth and one is the tooth with the hole.

Thankfully they are all in the back! He was amazed I didn't have any pain!

So, here's to Living Well - a week at a time!!


Emily said...

I am SO understanding what you're going through. I have awful teeth. They're brittle and I have had teeth BREAK when eating. Seriously. I've had several root canals and I just can't stand going to the dentist. (plus, our insurance is awful)

So, just know that I understand...and I wish I could get zoom whitening, but I'm chicken and cheap to boot!

feel better now?

Jessica said...

UGH! When do I need to drive you to your appointment, sis? Hee hee!