Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Contest Time!

The whole purpose of going to the College of Disney Knowledge was to complete my Disney Travel Specialist training for 3D Travel. One of the new things I'll be doing is an article for the online newsletter. I won't be going it alone - Kim and I will be sharing the article.

One problem - we need to name it! So I thought just maybe I'd have a little contest - you submit some names go ahead overwhelm us with ideas - and if we choose one of YOUR ideas well, we'll give you some FAME - right here on this BLOG, maybe even come up with a special one of a kind BLOG AWARD for you to put up on your page!

We specialize in Disney - everything AND Cruises! So our feature will include tips and advice for people going on cruises and Disney trips - insiders info, things learned the hard way - you know all the stuff you didn't know but wished you had! Eventually I be hosting a Blog about all things Disney and you'll be the first to know!

So.....put on your thinking caps, sharpen your brainstorming skills and be creative! Oh, and if you want to book a cruise or Disney Trip don't forget to check us out! Just request Kim or Charlene!


Melissa said...

How about- "The Disney Dish"

Charlene said...

hmmm....that's kinda cute!!!

Marilyn R said...

How about "Insider's Info" "What Every Princess Should Know"

Wilma L. said...

Hi Char! Congrats on your Disney Diploma!!!

How about "Disney Doings" or
"Just Disney" or
"Simply Disney"

O'Ma said...

Char is Fickle...first it was John...then Johnny...now a Chipmunk.

Smooch Smooch

Congrats on your graduation...are you going to have a graduation party?