Sunday, February 10, 2008

Computer Troubles

Last night while I was searching for more awesome songs to entertain you while reading my life stories and ramblings - the computer decides it needs a break.  It's possible it heard that other computers have names.  Or maybe it was bummed because I was always saying how heavy and old it was.  I'm not exactly sure what happened but last night pop up after pop up began bombarding my screen.  The obvious solution - REBOOT!  After a few REBOOTS I had to admit defeat and hand my un-named, overweight, old computer over to my personal IT guy and ask for help.  Thankfully he's my awesome fabulous hubby that knows more about computers than anyone else I know!  AND he's sitting on the couch right next to me.

Well my darling son who has been laid up on the couch  since Thursday night has allowed me to use his MAC --- everyone say oooohh, aaaahh.   Hopefully soon I'll be back on my own laptop soon.


kimberdee said...

I miss you Char! Nobody else will talk to me on IM. :o( Hurry up and get your no name, very heavy, very old laptop fixed!

Marilyn R said...

My figers are crossed that hubby can made the heavy, no name computer work again!

Marilyn R said...

Remember though, I did tell you at least a week ago if not longer that you needed to name your computer. See - she did feel left out! Is it a she?

David said...

you need to do something special for Dad its 1215 and he is up still trying to fix your laptop

he is insane

Chris said...

Hey! I was there with you when your no good computer kept on getting random google pop ups!

Mom just go all out and get a mac lol..

mom said...

ohhhhh ahhhhh! LOVE OUR MACS HERE! My old and trusty Mac laptop has broken 'f' and 'r' keytops now, but she still works like a charm most of the time :-)

I hope your computer gets better soon, Char! At least you have a back-up to use until then :-)

Tammy ~@~

Jessica said...

I think this is your hidden plot to get that MAC you are secretly dreaming about... DOn't worry... your blogger friends wont tell... Here MAC, come to Mama!