Saturday, February 2, 2008

BLOGGER UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

This entire week each post has taken me double or triple the time because blogger keeps loosing my photos - as you can tell by the comments left!

So I just had to go UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to BLOGGER!!!

I've read other blogger UGH posts, so many of you know what I'm talking about and if anyone has a solution, other than uploading them again and putting them on again I sure would like to know the secret!!! AND either I am an awesome speller or the blogger spell check isn't working for me! Only time will tell on that one!!!!!!

Have a Happy Saturday! I feel better now!!!!!!


Jessica said...

I have had problems with the spell check as well.. UGH!!!!!!

Marilyn R said...

Well, blogger put back most of your photos now - I can see most of them! Yeah!

Homeschool Housewife said...

I had serious issues with the spell check and it just fixed itself about a week ago. For months I thought I was an incredible speller. (What was I thinking? I know me better then that!) Then when it started working and I went back and checked the old posts, it turns out there is. apparently, very little I can spell accurately. (If I spelled all this wrong, sorry :) ) Very frustrating.

I just found your blog through your travel site and I am loving it. You are a great writer! I am glad your son is doing better.