Saturday, February 9, 2008

Birth Order Made Simple

We are off on an adventure today - pictures later I'm sure!
I thought I'd leave you with the profound thought of the morning---
"The oldest child is the quiet, mysterious one - who goes off and becomes rich. The middle child is the funny one, keeping everyone laughing and the youngest child is the observer pointing out what everyone does differently"
-spoken by our darling daughter - the YOUNGEST!


Emily said...

Whoa, she's a smart cookie. In my family, that's the way it was. crazy.

(and I'm a middle child.)

kimberdee said...

Am I considered all of them since I am an only child? Hee Hee!

Marilyn R said...

Looking forward to the photos of your adventure!

Jessica said...

Wow! That is funny and TOTALLY true!

Warren said...

As a middle child I agree with that profound bit of wisdom. All though I don't thnk Charlene's mysterious due to being the most mature of's because she's a woman......your ALL mysterious!! MAn,am I in trouble for that comment or what?? ;)