Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Living Well

I feel like things are looking up for me this week. After a disastrous weigh in on Friday I decided I'd better try a bit harder. First Step - journaling what I'm eating. This works for me because it makes me owe up to what I put into my mouth. I don't want to write down half a bag of Cheetos - even if they were the BAKED ones! I'm also e-mailing my daily counts to my good buddy who hates accountability in every way but humors me! It helps me and I like to think it helps her also.

So, on Friday I'm hoping for something positive during weigh in and I'm praying for the motivation to string two good weeks together. Time will tell!


Bren said...

It is a process...not a fun one, but necessary!
I LOVE that cracked me up!

Emily said...

I've been reading your weight loss posts and am a chicken to post that I'm trying to lose as well. Chicken because I don't like failure and if I fail, the whole blogdom will know.

so this is me. sheepishly raising my hand to tell you that I'm in this too! (but not by the scale. I'm going by clothes fit and husband. I would get very depressed weighing myself and it just ruined my progress)

Marilyn R said...

I will admit, I am the friend that Char is talking about. Accountability is not fun for me at all, but sometimes it is necessary. Ugh!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, this is a journey, and it helps to go through it with others. Journaling is a great idea. I use to keep track of what I eat and my exercise too!

mom said...

I think finding one thing to work on at a time until it becomes a habit is a good way to start. It's cool that your journaling is helping you make those changes! Go, Charlene :-)

Tammy ~@~

newcreationart said...

Each step in the right direction, when added together, will pay off in the end. Keep it up!