Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CDK & 3D Fun

CDK stands for College of Disney Knowledge which I am a proud graduate of now. I never really blogged about my trip to Florida and all the crazy fun I had because I came home here it comes, delayed a bit

3D is short for 3D Travel Company - the Travel Agency I work for - that sounds weird, me working! I know, some of you are thinking it's about time!

Anyway my training began with the 3D Travel portion and we all stayed in a huge Villa. I shared my room with Cyndie and we each had a twin bed -- it was kinda like camp, a bunch of late night talking, sharing bathrooms, and eating together. Except this camp involved computers. We all sat around the table everyday with our computers on looking very professional. Some of us were actually watching YOU Tube videos for a bit - but I digress! I spent most of my time trying to get online and stay on line.

Our reward for being good students was our nightly trip to Disney World where we experienced fun things like walking on The Boardwalk after dinner at Spoodles, or strolling through the Animal Kingdom Lodge spying on gazelles and giraffes with night vision goggles after eating at Boma.

I also became a fan of Wolfgang Puck Pizza! We were very good students with rewards like that!

On Tuesday we packed up the Villa and checked in to Coronado Springs Resort. We were all wondering who would room with who - two per room and there were 5 ladies. Right when we were in line to register Kim shouts out loud - I want Charlene to be my Roommate! WOW I was so honored! Well, she registered first and there you have it we were roommates! Disney really is a magical place!

This is the view from our room! Simply gorgeous!

The CDK training schedule was hectic and no respecter of late risers..Up and Adam we were eating at 7 or 7:30 a.m. every morning and then off to site inspections of every kind!

We spent one day traveling to Cape Canaveral and touring Disney Wonder- one of Disney's Cruise ships. I could have easily stayed aboard and gone cruising for the next week.

If you think we had a good time all us girls - well we did, however we had one very special person with us - his name was Jason! Not many guys can survive a week with a bunch of women, but Jason did and he did it very well. Always a gentleman, but never flirty, and always ready to hold a door or lend a hand. Eventually he began calling us Jason's girls as he kept track of us everywhere we went! No one was left behind or lost with Jason keeping his eye on us!!

Think we had enough fun NOPE! Once CDK was over we checked out and headed to the Nick Hotel - WOW did that place look like fun!

ENOUGH YET? NO! From there Kim went home and Carol Beth and Amy dropped me off to visit with my sister in law and her grandkids at the Fort Wilderness Campground. We ate at Davey Crockets and shopped in the Trading Post!

Finally I headed home - exhausted, full of Disney knowledge and planning my next trip to Disney!


kimberdee9298 said...

I loved reading about the trip! I am so glad we were roomies!

Jessica said...

Super fun!!!! Can't wait to go to DW in September!!!!

mom said...

Ohhh, I remember when we stayed at Fort Wilderness in DW probably twenty years ago. Could it be that long ago? Man do I feel old now.....

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