Friday, January 11, 2008

Business Trips?

I thought my next post was going to be Thursday but it was a Weird and Twisted Thursday Then I thought my next post was going to be early today, but Blogger would not cooperate with me SO FINALLY.....

.......Here is my NEXT POST! I have some exciting news to share with you. Saturday I will be boarding a jet plane and taking off on my FIRST EVER business trip! Now it just so happens that this business trip is taking me to one of my favorite - places Disney World!

NO They have NOT chosen me to portray CINDERELLA - my hair isn't blonde enough!

I'm NOT going to be doing LAUNDRY, or the DISHES - the skills I've honed so well at home.

I'm NOT picking up SHOES by the Castle door!

And CAPTAIN JACK is NOT calling my name!

I am going to become a Travel Specialist with 3D Travel Company!

First I will learn the ropes at 3D Travel with the rest of the agents in our company. I'm looking forward to this as we have developed quite a friendship over the Internet already. Then we will TOGETHER take another course developed and hosted by DISNEY THEMSELVES!

I am excited about helping families plan, family memories, lots of pictures yippee!


Jessica said...

Safe travels and many laughs!!! We will all miss you!

Marilyn R said...

Travel safe! I will miss you and also be wishing I was at Disney World too!

Warren said...

HAVE fun with your brutal training down in Florida.

Joni said...

Congrats on the new job!! If you begin taking more business trips that way the kids will want to tag along!!

Sarah said...

That is fantastic!! Congrats on the new job! You might get to help us plan our trip to Disney!!! Hope all is well!

mom said...

Sounds like such a tough business assignment!....NOT! Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful trip into warmth :-)

Tammy ~@~