Tuesday, January 8, 2008

As Promised

Way back in 2007 I promised to share the Christmas Party at the Nursing Home Adventure with you. I know it's January now, and Christmas has been boxed, swept and thrown away for most of us...however this memory will linger for awhile.

You see my biological mother needs to be under constant supervision both for medical and emotional reasons. This makes it hard on all of us - each in a different way.

The nursing home hosted a Christmas Party early in December for friends and family of the residents and so we went. There was food and entertainment. My Mom turned her nose up at mini hot dogs rolled in dough, and various other finger food and insisted we take her to Pizza Hut. Which we did.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

The entertainment was a 60 something couple doing their version of Dancing with the Stars. They were uh...entertaining. They had heart and they could dance, it's just not many of us were expecting to see a 60 something couple dressed up in ballroom attire, with Stage makeup on and Corny jokes.

My Mom grew up with Elvis, she was not happy. She was also NOT happy when another resident got alot of attention. Here I go again OFF TOPIC.

Guess what - this couple has been invited back, not once, twice, but three times and I can bet they are booked for next year already!

In order for you to get the full effect of the experience I picked this photo. It's not of the dancers, or my Mom but of my darling husband and darling brother in law.


What's the old lady behind the guys doing? How about the sleeper in the wheel chair?

What in the world am I gonna be like when I'm old? What will blogging look like? Who has captured me doing some totally random thing and put me in their blog!


Jessica said...

What??? No Lawerence Welk stuff??? (I am totally spelling his name wrong!) Where are the bubbles? Needless to say, this experience was definately NOT dancing with the stars... I think I might be sick when it comes around next year!

Bren said...

I love that lady behind the guys!! I could just hug her! And the sleeper in the chair...I am sure she needs to be pottied! Can you tell geriatrics is my thing???

Warren said...

Amen to that!! MAn it was awful having to sit throught that. All who did deserve a medal for enduring those Dancing With THe Stars Rejects. BY the by,PLEASE let me know how things go Thursday both with mom and Jessica's due date--looking foward to seeing if you two get bounced from the facility!! :)

Marilyn R said...

Sounds like you made the best out of a BAD situation! Good for you!