Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Above Average

The temperature around here has been "above average". Our average for this time of year is 29 degrees. Yesterday it was 67. Yes, I enjoyed the moist warm air and the breeze made it feel like March. The house was 71 inside without the oven on! I contemplated opening a window.


In January this means Trouble with a capital "T" and boy did our area have it's share of trouble last night and it is continuing today.

January is not typically known for tornadoes in the Midwest but we had a host of watches and warnings. There was thunder, and a lightening show that lasted for hours and at least 5 inches of rain.

This definitely spells trouble especially around here. Backyards are flooding and they are closing a major road nearby, sandbagging as I type. The water is flooding a nearby neighborhood.

The temps are still high, which could mean more storms as the cold front takes hold.

Here are some photos from the end of summer - they actually closed this very MAJOR highway down for days.


Jessica said...

Yes, I think it is just a taste for you, since you will be experiencing warmer weather soon... As for the rest of us, we can dream!!! Enjoy it while it lasts, sis. And for the record, my windows are cracked now!!! Im lovin it!

Bren said...

We had a tornado hit here. It was awful. The entire sky was rotating at one point and a black wall was right behind it.