Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SnowMan Tin Ornament

I am always on the lookout for EASY crafts that aren't babyish for my Friends group at church. They also need to be inexpensive. I actually spied this one at a vendor fair in November and snatched up one as a sample. I made a few at home - by myself, figuring out how to do something is usually easy, but I have to figure out the best way to teach it to my girls. Sometimes that's the hardest part. Well, after I taught it to the girls I just had to make some more! They were so fun, so one day last week (I know I am behind in my posting!) My daughter and I sat down and spent some time crafting! I must admit that Bren (who just awarded me a very cool award I'll be posting soon) inspires me to craft more. It is something I "wish" I had more time for, but rarely make the time. By the way I named this the SnowMan Tin Ornament - anyone else have a cooler name?

Supply List - round tins (I purchased mine at Michaels) ribbon, paper, cord, snowman stamp, pens or pencils to color with, snow, adhesive and pop dots or something similar.

Because I like to do things in an orderly fashion....we stamped all the snowmen first and then gave them some color based on the type of paper we had chosen. Then we cut them out.

We also cut all the strips of paper and circles out. I used my favorite Creative Memory tools and they made the job go fast!

Once we got all the pieces prepared we began assembling them.

I didn't find it necessary to glue the circles down they were slightly larger than the tins and we just gently pressed them in.
Then it's time to put the dimensional adhesive on the back of the snowman and put him in his new home!

I think adding the snow was the most fun - especially when it looked like we were creating mini blizzards in the Snowman's world!

The matching or coordinating paper strips we glued around the tin.

We also tied sheer ribbon around the tin.

Then the hardest part for me came when we threaded the cord under the ribbon and made a tiny bow at the top.
The best part of this craft was spending time with my daughter. I count myself blessed to have such a great daughter and I love being with her!

We made a whole tin full of SnowMan Tin Ornaments. They looked so adorable in their temporary resting place. Soon they will find themselves in family and friends homes!


Joni said...

I think those are cool but why stop with snowmen? Could have Santas, reindeers, elves, etc. Cool!!

Lara said...

LOVE THEM! But you could even use photos of the family from Chistmas pasts. Make it a tradition. Take a photo each year and have an ornament of it with the snow. It will always be a WHITE CHRISTMAS then!!

Emily said...

I love your snowmen! And for us un-crafty folks....it did seem intimidating, but seeing your lovely girls doing it...maybe I can too! haha

Marilyn R said...

I received one of Char's creations today - fun! It is sooooo cute! Thanks again!

OMA said...

I think it is great that you are crafting with Stephanie...
I think it is also a cool idea to take photos and make ornaments out of them...do you want to have more pics taken...tee hee. Oh that is another story isn't it?

Looking forward to getting mine.

Love to all...
and a Merry CHRISTmas!

mom said...

What a neat idea, Charlene. I wish I had seen this a month earlier! Remind me next year, okay? ::grin::

Tammy ~@~