Saturday, December 29, 2007

Living Well

After some serious consideration I've decided to join the Live Well Meme. I'm posting this today even though I don't plan on beginning until next Wednesday. I am a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers and I need to lose a few more pounds to be at my goal weight again. I'm working on that, not as consistently as I should be, so I'm planning on getting back to it in the New Year.

What I like most about the Live Well Wednesdays is it's approach. Diets don't work. Life style changes do. I know this first hand. When I make the changes things go well.

I tend to "forget" to take care of myself. Taking care of everyone else first and then not having the energy, time or even desire to take care of myself.

Living well for me means more than just diet, or exercise it encompasses my faith and taking care of myself, it even involves my finances, and possessions. Fly Lady says Finally Loving Yourself, but not in a self centered way. I hope that's making sense.

Anyway, whether you join in or not, approximately once a week I'll be posting about Choosing to Live Well.


Bren said...

I am in!!! ;)

mom said...

Glad you are joining this group of Living Well women who are encouraging just what you wrote about, Charlene. And I do know what you mean about taking care of yourself in a healthy not self centered way. As moms we live so sacrificially for our family but often pay a high price with our own health to do it. There comes a point where you realize how critical it is that you take good care of yourself in order to take good care of others! Nuff said!

Tammy ~@~

Warren said...

Good luck with the diet Char. But in my humble opinion you look good as is(but then again,what do I know right)? Happy New Year