Monday, December 3, 2007

I'll Tell You WHY

Some may wonder Why doesn't Charlene relax a bit?
Why does she always have to check her calendar?
Why does she check e-mail right before bed,
and in the morning and all during the day?
Why doesn't she just RELAX???

I'll tell you WHY!

Last night my darling hubby and I went to a Casting Crowns Concert. It was a spur of the moment thing. Someone had tickets couldn't go and my darling son grabbed them up and said -- "Mom, Dad - you guys are going!"

So off we went. It was a late night. Instead of bemoaning all the things I should be doing to get ready for another week - I just went with it - let loose, RELAX a little. It took some coaxing from my Sis and Son, but hey they were right I'd enjoy it.

So, this morning when it was time to get up I was still a bit tired...we got home after midnight. I decided okay, sleep in a bit - 30 more minutes - I make this "OH PAMPER ME" decision to do my devotions BEFORE my shower - I normally do them after I've showered.

All of a sudden my darling daughter has flung open my door - MOM MY ORTHO APPOINTMENT IS 8:30!!

Quick glance -- 8:34 a.m. There I am pj's, nasty breath, ratty hair, stinky arm pits. I SO know how to PAMPER MYSELF don't I??

Bounding out of bed to make a quick call to the Ortho - yep we'll be there, just a bit late.

8:45 after washing, brushing, and dressing we are in the's like 30 degrees outside probably 20 something with the wind factored in. Thankfully the Ortho is maybe 5 minutes away.

Before you know it I'm sitting on the squeakest seat in the Midwest trying to figure out if this is live or Memorex. It's live - I'm freezing and the seat is still squeaking. I forgot to put on the deoderant. At least I don't sweat much.

Still under shock my Darling daughter is sporting brand new bands now and begging me to take her out for breakfast because she and DS#2 deducted last night while we were at the concert that there was NO FOOD AT ALL in the house. (not true-there's condiments) So I settled for heading to the store - what the hey, here I was dressed, brushed and sorta washed - sometimes I see people in there wearing slippers and pj pants.

10:30 rolls around and I'm pulling in the driveway with $170 bucks worth of food - don't tell THIS Mom you're OUTA FOOD. The house looks like it exploded groceries everywhere, the bedrooms were hilarious - unmade beds, my Bible is flung open at the foot of my bed, it's too bad I can't put that scene on UTUBE for you!

So that's why I don't RELAX! It ALWAYS comes BACK AT ME!!


Jessica said...


I can see you frantically running around and panic stricken... You are such a planner! That is why we love you! I am so glad that you went to that concert.. I knew you would enjoy it. And yes....The house exploded and the grocery shopping got done... I told you it would all still be there!!! Luv Ya!

Wilma L. said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, Char!!!! I can't seem to relax enough either. Always something that HAS to be done, huh???? Sorry.... I don't know the solution to our dilema! If you figure one out, let me know!

John said...

As crazy as Monday was, it was worht it. The concert (An 1:45 minutes) away was awesome. Casting Crowns is an awesome worship/rock band and I know we were both blessed. I really enjoyed Leland and we need to look for one of thier albums. I am really glad you decided what the heck and off on the road trip.

Warren said...

YUmmy.....condiments the glue that holds the meal together. Seems like you need a alarm clock for the alarm clock(that or you can't party on like you once could).

Jan Parrish said...

LOL. Ketchup and water makes a fine soup and with a side of pickles, it's nutricious enough for any teen.