Saturday, December 1, 2007

Croc Talk

I am a shoe person. I put my shoes on as soon as I've dressed in the morning and don't take them off until the very end of the day. I guess I just always want to be ready. I like being "ready". I like when someone comes to my house I can step out on the porch to welcome them, or help them without looking for my shoes. I like taking the recycling right out to the can instead of waiting to find my shoes. At a whims notice I might want to walk around my small back yard and get a breathe of fresh air. I don't wear slippers. It's shoes or...well or I'm probably on my way to bed, or the shower. Maybe the pool, but even then I usually wear shoes to the ladder.

Fly Lady had no work to do with me when it came to my shoes!

So, most of you remember my Croc Tan. Once the cold weather came around that was it for my Crocs. They have HOLES in them and I was way to COOL to wear them with SOCKS. Besides, they just didn't feel the same.

Cut to Black Friday. My darling hubby and I were shopping like mad - not the early bird kind - that is NOT me, but just the we'd better get a handle on this kind of shopping. He had the day off. About 8 hours into the day my feet were killing me. It was then that the resources of my brain began to try and solve this problem - it's amazing how one side of the brain can be smarter than the other. I began to remember my baby blue crocs and how they completely amazed me day after day in Disney World. And so I searched for relief.

I spotted a pair of FURRY Crocs. Now I had seen these in August before I purchased my original pair, but hadn't given them a serious thought since then. I immediately put them on and by the time my darling hubby had come back from the car (dropping packages off) I was sitting on a chair in the make-up area of Carson's with the fabulously warm and comfy crocs on. - Have I mentioned that he's not exactly a fan of them? Somehow when he saw me I don't think he was thinking - "Oh there's my sexy wife, yeah baby I just LOVE those shoes!"
After they were rung up and my old shoes and SOCKS were in the bag. I glanced over at him and said "whew with these shoes on I can shop until midnight!" I think I heard a groan!

We arrived home about 11:30 p.m. A day well spent and my feet felt as fresh as they did in the morning!!!!! I might also add they were NOT cold, even without socks. My hands, face and body were.


Marilyn R said...

I guess I'm not cool cause I wear socks with my crocks now that is is winter. I do have a blue pair that doesn't have holes, so I guess that helps. I will have to try those furry ones though! I love my crocks!

Warren said...

SOmeone call the fashion police! Crocs with lining? What next I ask? You're right:that was a groan you heard from JOhn. I'll be feeling his pain today,going
X-Mas shopping with "my better half" as John calls her YIPPEE!! With luck I'll be done before the BEARS game.....

Bren said...

Like Marilyn, I wear socks with my crocs too, though they now have crocs without holes...I really like that fur lined model.

Jessica said...

These shoes look so comfy and warm!!! You so totally rock your croc's!!!!

David said...

uhh keep it G rated .. no more sexy talk

mom said...

YAY! I saw someone wearing the fleece lined crocs this week and I am excited excited excited! I have been wearing my favorite pair with socks all fall, but they DO NOT work well in the snow, iykwim. I may skimp on Christmas presents to have enough extra money left to buy myself a present for under the tree...hehe!

Tammy ~@~