Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Movies

I'm not sure exactly when our Christmas Movie Tradition began, but if I had to guess it would be when VCR's became affordable and the movies became plentiful. When I was growing up - I waited excitedly for seasonal movies. Every Thanksgiving I watched The Wizard of Oz with my Grandma. I remember seeing Frosty the Snowman,Rudolph and of course Charlie Brown. These were exciting times - we planned our night around them. We didn't tape it to watch when we got home, TiVo it for a better time, or pause live TV in order to miss the commercials or pop the popcorn. There was a hurried feeling that we were really gonna miss something special when we just had to run off to the bathroom during a commercial.

So naturally as soon as these favorites came out I wanted to share them with my children. At first we waiting anxiously for them every year, but eventually we began purchasing them. That's when I noticed they weren't anticipating Rudolph anymore. Why? Because they had watched it 300 times, fast forwarding through the "scary" or "boring" parts all year long.

One Christmas I packed up the movies along with the decorations. I stored them in a safe place, never to be viewed on a hot summer day again. And that's when the excited came back.

Now right after Thanksgiving the Christmas movies come out and we try to watch as many of them as we can before the New Year.

We began this year with White Christmas. We usually do because it is probably my husband's favorite with Miracle on 34th, close behind.

I think besides only seeing these movies once a year, sitting down as a family with popcorn or occasionally pizza and spending a couple of hours laughing and singing and even doing a few impromptu dance numbers is really what we enjoy. Knowing the words and catching bloopers is also fun!

I'll be sharing the movies we do watch this year here on the blog. Every year we try to add a new movie to the collection depending on what's new on DVD.

We have many other traditions that I am hoping to share with you over the next few weeks. What traditions do you have in your family?


Emily said...

Hi! So nice to visit your blog. :)

My family doesn't have a whole lot of unique traditions, other than the Nativity Scene set up. The kids love seeing it every year.

I'm considering letting my older kids watch The Nativity. It was beautiful.

and White Christmas? I would LOVE it, but the kids? not so sure. :)

Joni said...

I remember as a little kid getting all excited because the Christmas movies were finally on. They are classics! We don't have any traditions I guess. None that I can think of. We still enjoy it though.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, before reading this, I watched White Christmas and Don grumbled and said he wasn't going to watch hiss.
Today THE GOSPEL OF JOHN was on the Christian Network TBN and it will be on several times this month. I am amazed just how close to the scripture it really is...have your Bible open to John when you see this movie.