Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Caroling

We took our Youth Group Christmas Caroling last weekend and the day was GREY as usual and COLD and just blah. But then God got involved and sent a fantastic bit of snow for us to carol in.

Now I admit, I am NOT a FAN of SNOW. There are however occasions where it is acceptable or even needed and caroling is one of them. So is Christmas Eve if you were wondering.

The youth had a great time. We practiced a few songs before we went and I must admit they did a swell job. There were 7 houses on our list and we ended up caroling 8 - that was my fault. We didn't recognize the person that opened the door and so we thought we were at the wrong house. We did another house on the block and it wasn't the right house either. Turns out the FIRST house was right! Oh well, we blessed the neighbor!

Besides lifting up spirits with our renditions of Carols they left a few angels lying around too!

After the caroling we had a party at the church hosted by Key and Marilyn. It was such a great thing coming in to hot chocolate, walking tacos and home baked treats! Afterwards they all went out for a big snowball fight.

I stayed in and cleaned up! I am the neat freak after all, AND I don't like COLD weather!


Amy said...

I'm all bummed! Your pictures didn't come out.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Marilyn R said...

I don't see the photos either! boo hoo! It was a lot of fun!