Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Better LATE than NEVER

My Darling Son's birthday was back a few months and he requested his favorite cake - Root beer Float Cake. The busyness of our lives has prevented me from making this cake around his birthday and then Procrastination set in. That ugly, awful disease that hides among perfectionism.

So here it is December and before I can begin the Christmas baking I felt I should at least whip up one of my sons Birthday Cakes. So here it is. I have an excellent kitchen helper - who just so happens loves licking the bowl!

Here is this marvelous cake cooling.

This cake starts with a box mix and then you go from there. It needs to stay in the fridge though, but it is soooo worth it.


Marilyn R said...

Is there any cake left????? LOL This is a wonderful cake!

Joni said...

Save me a piece!

Emily said...

So was there a link to the recipe? or were you just tempting us all in blogland.

Becky said...

I understand how sometimes it takes longer than you expect to do something...as I heard this week, it's the law of diminishing intent!!