Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And Still It Comes

I've been dreading it ever since September. Still it was coming. I denied it and relished the long and warm autumn. Still it was coming. I thought about Disney in January and Still it was coming. I kept out my short sleeved shirts. And STILL it was coming. I told it, I never really need to have you again and STILL IT was coming. On Saturday it teased me and STILL I denied it. On Sunday it felt like spring yet STILL IT WAS coming.


The SNOW is coming, and coming and coming. Supposedly 3 to 6 inches of it COMING.

Okay so I admitted it. It was pretty, and peaceful. Why is snow so peaceful? Why does the world seem so much quieter when it's snowing? I think maybe the snow absorbs sound.

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Amy said...

OK, can I just say that I am a little jealous? It's been in the 70's and 80's here. I soooo want it to feel like Christmas. It's so hard to get in the mood...sigh ..Moving to FL isn't going to help any of that!