Friday, November 30, 2007

To Do

Lately there seems to be to much TO DO. I have found myself longing for summer. Not just because of the warmth and sun, but because the days seem naturally longer with less scheduled things to do. Right now it seems there isn't a spare moment.

Let's see

To Do - Well there is the obvious. Christmas. With all of it's magical moments it takes alot of preparation. I mean come on these moments just don't "happen" for the women of the house. We know better. Someone has to make them happen. There's the gift buying, or making. The card addressing. The house and tree decorating. The gift wrapping. All of these things take up TIME. I used to be one up on this stuff. Mostly done before Thanksgiving approached. Now there is so much always coming at me before Thanksgiving I just barely get it all done. And YES there have been years I didn't do a single card and I have to say I feel fine with that.

To Do - School. We have home schooled for 8 years, this being our 9th. There's the planning - I like that part. The teaching - that is fun. The grading - not so fun and record keeping, even less fun. There's also the interruptions - some led by God, some by man. Deciphering the difference can be difficult at times and can throw off an entire year.

To Do - House. Naturally all of you have the same chores. Cooking, Cleaning, Laundering. Raking, emptying, sorting, putting away, picking up and training others to do the same with the hopes that ONE DAY they just might. Even if it's just your hubby.

To Do - Church. For us this is intense and probably my favorite thing to do. One year when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed I realized that doing a Creative Memories Show for about 3 hours would leave me feeling unsettled. However spending 3 hours with my Stars class or helping do something at church would leave me fulfilled. No Brainer. I still sell Creative Memories, I just don't do those shows.

To Do - Family. Sometimes fun, sometimes not. Depending on who the family is. Family can drain you and suck the life right out of you OR they can refresh you. Sometimes what others think should drain you just doesn't, but a quick conversation with the wrong family member can pull you down for days.

To Do - Friends. Friends, are just that. People you choose to hang with. Who usually spark me in some way to be a better person, to live more faithfully and passionately and are just enough different and the same to be a good fit.

I consider myself blessed I have plenty to do, plenty of people to love and yes, even plenty of people to serve. Sometime though my To Do list gets a bit overwhelming and I have to remind myself how blessed I truly am.

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mom said...

Ahhh, yes...that "to do" list :::sigh::: I sat down for a few quite moments after supper and started working on a new list so I'd stay better focused in the days ahead. But, oh my, it's almost overwhelming to consider all the different categories that are calling my name right now....

It does help to put some Christmas music on though :-)

Tammy ~@~