Thursday, November 15, 2007

Salute to Scoop

Thursday night November 8th we lost someone dear to us. This has been a very long week. I asked my son to be my Guest Blogger today because he wrote this Salute to Scoop. I may have a few other Guest Bloggers if they want to.

Salute to Scoop

last friday morning my mom woke me up and told me one of my better friends was dead... all i could do was roll over i was shocked..

on monday i went to the wake and none of it seemed real , like it was a dream and i'd wake up with everything back to normal ..

but when i woke up on tuesday all was the same as the day before

i hadn't cried yet and until the funeral service didnt realize how much i needed to...

man i'm going to miss him , so many good times , we used to play wiffle ball together , and watch tommy boy , i nick named him scoop cuz he played first base on our church softball team and nobody could throw good so he was always scooping it up.. he called me hoop..

he was the voice of mr toliet in the first video i ever edited on my laptop.. he was so much to me... and to everyone that ever met him..

All the laughs and memories
I’ll hold them close inside of me
All the jokes and all the movies
I wont forget the time you spent with me

Oh God I need you now
I only want to say goodbye
Too many tears I’ve cried
Will you explain to me?

He’s looking down on us from heaven
To young to leave this earth
28 with so much to live for
My only wish is that I could see you once more
Heaven is lucky to have you
Did you ever hear me say I love you?

If I could be selfish for just one minute
I’d ask you to send him back to us
But I know that not for a minute
Is he in heaven wishing he had us

Oh God please take care of him
He’s in your presence now
Rejoicing and laughing
He’s Singing praises to his king

you will be mised....


Marilyn R said...

Yes, Scoop will be greatly missed. I know we have all heard the phrase "Heaven's gain is our loss" but how true it is. David, your tribute is inspiring.

Bren said...

I am so sorry that you have lost this special young man. Marilyn is right, heaven's gain.....
The tribute was beautiful and so heartfelt. He would have loved it I am sure.
My prayers are for you and Scoops family. My the peace of God, that passes all understanding, rest on your hearts.

Anonymous said...

who is this amazing guest blogger...

i want to hear more from him..