Saturday, November 10, 2007

Magic Numbers

This week we hit the "Magic Number". Well, it wasn't exactly me. It was the house. The house hit the "Magic Number". See by now most of my family and friends have been running their heat. But not US! Yes, the furnace has been prepared. Cleaned out, filters washed and all. The FURNACE is ready to go. It has been laying in wait so to speak. Until the indoor thermostat sent the signal.

Well the call went out and the furnace performed wonderfully!

My darling husband loves to keep a COOL house in the winter and a WARM house in the summer. I rejoiced when the furnace gave way and warmed me up to 67!

That same day I notice this flower still blooming in my garden. This is the LAST BLOOMER. I believe this is a Cleo and my good friend Marilyn grew it for me from seed. I have NEVER been able to grow a flower from seed and have it survive the transplant outside. She did a great job don't you think?

Even though by the numbers I think this flower should have called it quits it is still blooming on! BLOOM ON CLEO! BLOOM ON! I wish I could bring you in to bloom all winter long. Instead I will have you to look forward to next spring.


Gena said...

Wow! I can't believe you keep your thermostat set so low! Good for you! I can do that an night, but by morning, I need it at 69 to 70 to prompt me to get out of bed! :-)
Blessings, Gena

Marilyn R said...

What a great flower!(If I say so myself)That is a great surprise. I got home from vacation today. I tried to catch up on my email before I checked out the blogs I have been missing. I gave up on the email so went to the blogs. Of course I had to check on yours first Char! I love Steph's room, I can't wait to see it in person! The first thing I did when I walked in my door today was turn up that thermostat! I usually keep it set at 68. I have to admit though, I put it all the way up to 69. It just sounded better!

Jessica said...


mom said...

What an unusual flower...I love it! Does it just bloom late in the season?

And brrrrrr! We've had snow today with lots of wind and the woodburner is feeling mighty cozy!

Tammy ~@~

David said...

its not that cold .. usually i wear sweatpants sweatshirt a winter hat and scarf and i stay warm enough in the winter to prevent hypo thermia...

thats on the warm days..