Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cooking Challenge Week 4

So this week has been a really good week with the cooking! Yippee! While my darling husband and I were away we shopped at this meat market that sold growth hormone free, grain fed, free range meat. You know - the good stuff. The prices were amazingly close to what I have been paying for the bad stuff. So I thought I'd try it. I bought about $80 worth of meat.

I really didn't expect to taste a difference. I've been hearing alot about chemicals and other things things from our meat to our milk, from our veggies to our bottled water and plastic containers. It's alot to process and I find it confusing. However I would like to try and do the best thing for my family. Even though they are hooked on frozen pizza and ramen.

Back to the taste. I really don't care for pork anything - well except bacon and sausage two evils I wish my thighs (and taste buds) had never been exposed to. Anyway my dh was standing right there and he likes pork chops, so in they went. Along with some ground round - which the butcher said only people with a medical condition should eat it's so dry it doesn't even fry itself. Hmm...I threw in some ground sirloin..because well after all we don't have a medical condition. Some chicken, hamburger patties, fresh polish sausage and beef stew meat.

Still back to the taste - The pork chops were good. Tender, and even I thought they were good. Then last night I made a meatloaf - okay nothing special about that, just a good ol' meatloaf. I used the ground sirloin-for kicks really.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE! The meat tasted entirely different, it was kinda sweet? Should meat be sweetish? Who knows...well maybe someone out there knows and will tell me. I did nothing special to this meatloaf NOTHING and it was so good I couldn't believe it. Even today for lunch the leftovers were delicious.

I have my blogging friend the Farmer's Wife to thank for how I see meat differently now and so while we were out there we drove by this Cow and I just had to take a picture of it for her! I've learned so much in just a few short months by reading her blog.

Well, tonight I'm making chicken fajitas - I can hardly wait to see if this meat tastes different too!

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David said...

the polish was.. the best polish ever!