Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Today is my sister's birthday. We went out to lunch pizza of course - we splurged and got the buffet! My fav. Niece peeked into her gift bag and told her what she was getting - ah the charm of a 3 year old!

I got her Some Stampin'Up stamps she wanted me to order for her and I conveniently "forgot" to tell her I had them It seems she forgot about them too. I also got her this Meat masher thingy from Pampered Chef....it's suppose to make short work of browning ground beef. If it works real good, maybe I'll get one for Christmas - hint, hint.

I am extremely fortunate to have a really good relationship with my Sis. It wasn't always that way. I didn't really know her at all when she was little, except for a few months when she was 4 I didn't see her again until she was 12, on my doorstep and under my care! Whew, talk about a quick lesson in raising a daughter. My oldest son was 6 then. She turned our lives Topsy turvy in almost every way. Things went up and down for a long time.

Now we are best friends. I never would have guessed it back then, nor she.

I am blessed that I have a sister and that we live close enough to do crazy things together. She is an amazing woman that keeps up with school, work, and her family and even blogs from time to time. We went on an awesome Princess Disney Trip in September - here we are storming Cinderella's Castle and trying to pose as Princesses! I know my foot will fit into the glass slipper, if only they would give me a chance!

- and here she is showing off some fabulous deserts at Chef Mickey's.

She looks GREAT wearing this pilgrim hat don't you think?

Happy Birthday Sis! I love you!


Jessica said...

I love you too!!! Yes, who would have thunk it??? You and me, best friends as friend could be!!! Thanks again for lunch and my awesome stamps! They are super fun and hopefully i will have some time to use them this year!!!

I especially love the pilgrim hat... I think I might have to wear it on Thanksgiving day!

Also, thanks for all the medical advice... You WILL be my triage phone girl/travel agent yet!


mom said...

What a neat testimony of how God works in our relationships! Enjoy your friendship :-)

Tammy ~@~