Monday, November 19, 2007

Autumn Tidbits

Here it is Thanksgiving week. It is hard to believe how fast the years go rolling by now. I really can remember how they used to drag on. Last Wednesday I took this photo of the tree in my front yard. I have lived in this house for 16 Autumns and have never seen the tree turn this color. Usually it turns this ugly green with brown tinged edges, it rains and they fall and that's that. Not this year! Autumn has been long and lovely, with warm and cool spells and very little rain. Now I know what it takes to make this tree turn lovely!

This year we will be starting some new traditions for our family. I will be preparing Thanksgiving Turkey, and some of the fixings that go along with it. My Sister will be bringing some delicious sounding sides and a dessert. I've purchased two tablecloths and nothing else - except the food! I wanted to buy new dishes, and serving pieces and all that jazz, but opted to add to my collection sensibly! I really liked the colors of this cloth, it's too bad I didn't find it earlier. Ever since I bought it I've been wanting to put it on the table!

My family is absolutely fine with paper products, makes clean up easy! I am opting for dishes for the main meal, but absolutely fell in love with these turkey plates and napkins. I think they will be perfect for our dessert and left over feast!

On Easter of this year we began the HMS Games which involved a very lengthy but fun Bags Tournament and Trophies! We have a Traveling Trophy - the winners names are supposed to be engraved and placed on the side and we can add bases throughout the years. Winners keep the trophies until the next "Games". So on Thanksgiving the "Games" will be on again. We will be playing some Wii games - possibly Tennis and Bowling and some Olympic games. This will be great fun and is put on by my Favorite Brother in Law who is hoping to bring back home at least ONE of those trophies. We kept them both here after the Bags Tourney.

I will actually be making something for my niece Alanna, well I started it last Easter, but I will be adding to it for Thanksgiving. What is it you anxiously ask? I mean, so far the only crafty thing you've heard me talk about is my scrapbooking. It is a chair cover. For Easter it had a bunny on it - I debated back and forth because Easter isn't about the Bunny, but for a then 2 year old it seemed cute enough and because they are repositionable I can always make a cross for Easter as she grows a bit older. So for Thanksgiving I'll be making a Turkey to put on the back of the Chair cover. When I get it finished I'll be sure and post it here!

The turkey is sitting in the fridge frozen solid. He's be out of the freezer since morning and if I dropped him he'd probably go through the floor! Everyone that opens the fridge gives the poor guy a "thump" yep, he's solid they say. I wonder if they want to be around during the rinsing process???

So far the weather is still weird. Usually the leaves have fallen by the end of October. They actually just fell last Friday at least on this block. Today it is in the 50's which is downright balmy for Thanksgiving, though I hear it could snow on Wednesday. Typical around here! If you don't like the weather wait a day or so.

Early October I purchased some pumpkins for the front porch. I like to keep them out there through Thanksgiving. Last week the squirrels finally broke into them. I don't know why they haven't started on the middle pumpkin but maybe they are saving that one. Because the pumpkins sit on the porch the only time I can actually see the squirrels enjoying the pumpkins is when I am coming home and I haven't had the forethought to bring my camera in the car when I leave.

Tonight when I got home there was a black cat sitting on our porch. She's the neighbors cat and I was wondering if maybe she likes pumpkins too? Or maybe the mice are enjoying the pumpkin also. I have a strange feeling there is a feast taking place on the front porch right now as I blog this!


Bren said...

I LOVE the tablecloth...where did you get it??
Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Marilyn R said...

I can't wait to see the turkey chair cover. Make sure you take a photo of Alanna sitting on the chair!