Monday, November 5, 2007

All About Chris

I have been taking alot of heat lately because I haven't been mentioning my "other" middle son enough. So I am dedicating today to him.

When my darling husband and I packed up and left last Thursday for our much needed getaway the FIRST thing we did was head to see our "other" middle son at college. It's so nice of his "other" parents to provide such a wonderful education for him!! I must say they have done a nice job of raising him!

Who is this "other" middle son you wonder? Well, we've known him for over 10 years. Watched him grow up in our church and he's a really good friend of both of our other sons. So he calls us Mom and Dad and we call him Son. It's so much better than Mr. and Mrs.

I can see how he feels slighted though - especially on the blog. You see, his "other" parents taught him how to drive, so I couldn't mention teaching him. I must admit had he asked me to go out with him I would have done so bravely.

So our son gave us a tour of his campus. There was a fantastic Prayer center that felt so serene and Prayerful!

He took us to his favorite resting place. The Library.

I think it would be very easy relaxing in this chair. Reading a good book, making a list, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

This is the Trophy Case for the school. We stopped here because one day my son will probably have helped put a Trophy in this cabinet. You see, he's a super great baseball player. When he grows up he wants to be a Pitcher for the Cubs-just joking his fav team is the SOX. Just think one day he might be a famous pitcher and you can say I saw him on the Blog!!

When we went into his favorite spot the first thing I saw was rows and rows of baseball cleats. I really didn't want to go in there but amazingly they didn't smell. I'm still wondering what that spray was because it was magical...all those shoes and NO ODOR. Anyway - here's my son - just POSING for this pitching picture. I wouldn't want him to get in trouble by throwing on an off day.

Then he showed us a side of him we'd never seen before.

The Ceramics side.

I really liked his bowl. They are harder to make than they look.

The plate was awesome and full of symbolism.

I totally blew it when he showed me what I thought was a mailbox. It's really going to be a house. Oops!

Naturally like good parents we took him to lunch and met his dorm buddies and then we were off to enjoy a few days by ourselves! I think he's a great kid, and I am so pleased that he lets us call him son and that his "other" parents don't mind!


Jessica said...

Chris rocks!!! He is a good kid. It's hard to believe that he has grown so fast as well and is at College! (It makes me feel old!)
Glad you had a great time!

John said...

Hey who is that good looking guy with Chris? Oooops that would be me. Hey Chris I just wanted to tell you that the campus is awesome and I had a great time. Hope to see you over the winter and have a snowball figt in the courtyard area. I wish when I was in school I had a really nice libary view. Thanks for the tour.

Ginger said...

This was a cool post. Having grown up in foster homes and having several surrogate families it's nice to have another set of parents. It says alot about who you are when other kids gravitate to you and your sons friends are that comfortable with you!! He is cute as a button and I can say...Hey I read about him when he is a famous baseball player..... :-)

Chris said...

I'm not gonna lie this is the best post i have ever seen in my life... It was awesome telling everyone that this is my other set of parents... This is a good sidetrack from the crap that has been happening this week. I love you mom!

Charlene said...

I love you too Chris!!!

David said...

uhhh chris is pretty spectacular.. not as good as ur real middle child!??