Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Drive #8

Learning to Drive

I have taught 4 people to drive. My brother, my sister, DS#1 and DS#2. I think teaching someone to drive is an act of faith. It takes a courageous and secure person. A patient person and one that can control spontaneous outbursts like "Don't you see that TREE?"

My brother broke me in fast about staying on the road. Oncoming cars were no worry my brother rode the curb and I was thankful for the snowbanks that bounced us off of peoples yards and back onto the street.

My sister was a fast learner and is fast on the road to this day.

Teaching DS#1 was fun by now. Or I was numb to the experience I'm not sure which. He wanted to be very exact. The one thing we found out AFTER he got his license? He had no idea where he was. WHY? He always read in the car, and never really paid attention to how we got places. So he needed directions EVERYWHERE! He also needed practice on icy turns - it took two accidents on icy roads to learn that lesson!

DS#2 was easy. I should do this for a living I thought! I'm fearless - never mind I love the Lord and meeting HIM today wouldn't be that bad, I told myself everytime we got into the car. By now, David has been in the backseat of all the previous learners and was pretty sure he knew how to do it all right. He did - but wasn't happy when I wouldn't allow him to play his CD's during our practice. Besides being a fast learner, he's fast on the road too. Just ask the two cops that have pulled him over. I guess things have to come in two's around here!

As soon as I was done with DS#2 I thought, gee I should just teach my DD and get this season of my live OVER with. Two bad she was only 13 at the time!


Marilyn R said...

I learned to drive the old fashioned way - in Summer School by taking Driver's Ed. I think I would have enjoyed taking the driving lessons from you more! The timing wouldn't have worked out right though. Guess I am a little older then you.

Jessica said...

Too funny! I was one of those that were taught by you too! I think you are the oly one that is not afraid to drive with me either...Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Chris said...

it must suck for you that you never got the chance to teach me how to drive... I think i would of been the best... no speeding tickets to date thank u! lol..

Ginger said...

Ahhh you are a brave mother indeed....I had to chuckle because my sister is begging my husband to teach our kids. For some reason they are afraid to ride with me....;-)

Warren said...

I bet Steph will either combine all of our bad driving habits or drive like Granny on her way to the bingo hall. Time will tell.

mom said...

I think it does get a little easier the more times you do it...maybe. Our 5th child just finished up the classroom portion of drivers ed and is ready to take the written test for his drivers permit. His personality indicates he'll be a very focused cautious driver. But they haven't all been like that...LOL!

Tammy ~@~