Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Drive #6

For this Sunday Drive we'll be going all the way out to Arizona!

Until my parents moved there I didn't think much about the place at all. Just another state in the union. Now that I've been there a few times I can tell you - it is always BROWN, always dry - I have THE BEST hair days in PHX and always 90 degrees. Unlike most people I know, I would prefer living in the heat than in the cold.

Before my first trip out my mom told me....Set the oven to 400, then open the door and stick your head in..this is what it feels like here. I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't. The blast of hot air drys your face immediately and makes you your lips chap within hours. Even after the sun goes down the concrete radiates the heat.

I managed to find some beautiful things there despite the heat and lack of greenery. Maybe it is because of the lack of green grass that these cacti seem so extraordinarily beautiful!


Marilyn R said...

I love the cactus flower pictures. If only the cactus' on my bay window would sprout some flowers! Wishful thinking I know.

Jessica said...

So, did you ever really stick you head in the oven? I would have liked to have seen that!

Charlene said...

Everytime I take something Out of it!

Jan Parrish said...

That's amazingly beautiful!

O'Ma said...

There is beauty in the desert at times. It is also very harsh.

On what you would call a breezy day would be the same day you would get your hair blower out and aim at your face.

Actually today is a good day...October 9th...about 90 should start cooling off soon.

We had over 30 days of triple digit temps this year breaking records. Ah...but it is the DRY heat.