Saturday, October 20, 2007

Someone YOU Should Know

My Dad

My Dad is flying in to see us this weekend. I picked him as "Someone You Should Know" because if you could meet him you'd like him! He's also done alot of things for me in my life and this Blog is way too small to mention them all.

First of all he took a very big chance with me! You see I was a foster child and they thought they were getting a younger girl. When I showed up I was 14 and a Freshman in High school. YIKES!

I really didn't have a good impression of what a Dad should be. I can honestly say that he turned that around for me. Thought the world of me and held up some standards of living for me that I'd never been exposed to before. Besides that he was a hard worker, cared about his family, and took us places, I knew that he loved me. I have so many fond memories of having ketchup squirted all over me, hot water turned off while I was showering and tickle fests, just to name a few! All things I needed! When I was ready to be married he walked me down the aisle. It was through his love and caring for me that made it easy to accept my Heavenly Father.

He's been through alot of medical stuff the last few years and it is so good to see him finally feeling better!

So he's coming today and I get to pick him up! Mom is staying behind - SCRAPBOOKING she's taken over the whole living room with a table and supplies! I seriously thought about just switching places with him and spending the weekend scrapbooking - but then I'd miss seeing Him too!

One day we are going to scrapbook for days on end Mom even if I have to ship all my stuff to your house before I get there!


Marilyn R said...

Yes, I agree, your Father is "Someone You Should Know" He did the right thing when you appeared on his doorstep by welcoming you into the family. At the time he probably didn't even think about the impact he would have on your life, not to mention the impact on his own life. Have a great visit!

Warren said...

So I thought it over. I guess you can backpeddle on the cooking contest. Why? I figure since DOn's in town I'm sure he has some dining haunts he wants to visit. Either way,enjoy your visit and I'll regale you later with tales from my road trip to Michigan...Warren ;)

O'Ma said...

Wow...the first part brought tears to my forgot to add the joy you brought in our lives. I remember you seeing those stairs and being terrified that you were a Klutz...and oh my...Yes, you even had a T-Shirt with that name. And that planned 3 month visit became a lifetime of joy and Love.
Together on separate paths we found our Lord Jesus and then we really began to live.
Interesting just how one step to the right or to the left would have changed our lives today. Each step is important and when we have Jesus with us...WOW!
Look how Blessed we are today!
The love and caring shown in our family surpasses most families. forgot the ketchup wars "IN" the house...lots of laughs and love.
We Love You Char...

Mommy Evelyn

chickadee said...

what a beautiful dog! we used to have a sheltie that looked a lot like that.

enjoyed your post and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

mom said...

What a special testimony you've just shared! You are blessed to have such wonderful support in your life :-)

Tammy ~@~