Thursday, October 4, 2007

School Days

This is my 9th year of home schooling - and I still really don't know if that is one word or two. I see it both ways so often - scrapbooking is another one of those words. Well anyway, I realize that I don't spend much time blogging about school. I think it's because it has become just a way of life for us and it's now easy compared to those first few years.

When I began I was teaching 7th, 4th and K. I had no idea what I was doing, only that God had asked me to do it, and I was being obedient to HIM. Since then my oldest has graduated and is doing very well in college, my middle does a few Senior year classes at home and takes 2 classes in college and that leaves me with my youngest in 8th grade. So doing one full time seems easy! Actually she makes it pretty easy. Once the routine is established we really go from subject to subject.

This year we are using Walking in Truth, Math U See Zeta, Apologia's General Science, Mystery of History, Total Learning Plus for English - currently studying from The King of The Wind, Mavis Beacon Typing, Rosetta Stone Spanish and I always include some extras like The Fallacy Detective, board games, related movies and any field trips I can find. My favorite subjects to teach and learn about are History and Science.

Today is a beautiful day and if I had any children in grade school we would have put the books away and spent the day outside on a field trip somewhere ANYWHERE! With the upper grades comes more diligence. I must admit I sometimes have a harder time than they do!

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O'Ma said...

As a Grand-ma...I am very thankful that you are home schooling my GRAND-kids.

Thank you Char.

Love you,