Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Pirates' Code

Well they're really JUST guidlines

Marilyn and I went for lunch and celebrated my birthday today. Birthday lunches do not count agains the Cooking Challenge!

For my present she chose a fine literary work - The Pirates' Code and window cling for my car.

I am looking forward to reading this Classic Code. Here's an excerpt: "A pirate should never underestimate his capacity for illness. There are many common ailments that can afflict a pirate while at sea."
Here's some good advice for a few of my friends that just returned from a cruise.

"If you are going to be sick, it is best to do so on the leeward side of the ship so that any unpleasantness will be carried away by the wind"

Mal De Mer or Sea Sickness

Symptoms: Green under the gills, unable to keep food or water down, drowsiness, fatigue

Remedies: Send afflicted on deck to look at horizon, salty crackers or hardtack, green apples.

Thanks for the lunch and GREAT gifts!


Marilyn R said...

We had a lot of fun today! There is never enough time to talk and laugh though! I am blessed to have such a great friend as Charlene!

Jessica said...

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates life for me


Love, Alanna

Warren said...

Okay sis,I really think you need an intervention regarding your obsession with Johnny Depp. Looks like it's becoming unhealthy......oh well,at least you had some well earned free time with marilyn(or did you leave your phones on)? ;)