Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pastor Appreciation Day

Today was Pastor Appreciation Day at our church.

And so we were appreciated!

I must say it was an odd experience for me. You see for 10 years we have been on the side of giving the appreciation. Not receiving it! My fantastic husband has been the Youth Pastor for our church for about 6 months. We have been members for 10 years, so it seems as if we are really just doing ministry for our church, but today "set us apart" and it felt kinda awkward.

It's not that I don't know we are the Youth Pastors it's just that because we are in our home church most of the time it feels comfortable.

One thing I noticed was everyone kept saying "Bless You" to me, finally someone I knew well came up and said bless you and I replied - "Why I haven't sneezed yet!" We both got a good laugh out of that!

Have a Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

i know how you feel in an almost same way :D Well to make your laugh i won't say bless you i'll say "Have a blessed day" and i hope you do

mom said...

Youth pastors tend to be overworked, underpaid, loved by the kids, and definitely appreciated! I'm glad you were blessed by your church!

Tammy ~@~