Monday, October 1, 2007

Miracles, Man Made & God Made

Sunday afternoon I made what I thought sounded like a simple request to my darling husband. I'd like to go down a street I've never been down before. I thought that sounded easy enough. I mean we live near many streets. He seemed dumbfounded and even my daughter said "Mom, you've been everywhere!"

Being a terrific guy he headed south. Eventually we began to see this building that was under construction in the distance. It was literally towering over all the homes and trees that surrounded it. I was secretly hoping we'd try to find it. And when he turned toward it our adventure began.

Naturally the first few roads dead ended and the entire subdivision that surrounded this Man Made Beauty seemed elusive. Finally we found it. It was up above all the homes in the subdivision, gleaming when the sun hit it and absolutely massive. Our oldest son has worked construction atop some pretty tall homes, I'm glad he wasn't working on this one. This is indeed one of the man made miracles in our area. The craftmaship going into this seemed incredible. WOW was about all we could say. I'd like to go back in the Spring to see how it's coming.

Compare that to this God Made Miracle - these tiny birds that grace (and doo doo) my fence nearly everyday. You see our soffit is dented from years of basketball playing and they've made a nest up there - and have called my fence their home. They are a God Made Miracle. Every detail on their body He created, and it is written that he knows every one of them too. Every feather on their body and hair on my head I might add (even the grey ones I'm hiding!)

How awesome is God that He is creator of some small creature that daily brings me joy and also creator of Man that can create such masterpieces with steel and stone. I don't think you can really have just a Man Made Miracle -- you've really got to have God in it...after all He is the Creator of all things!

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Jessica said...

It is beautiful! Where is this at?