Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Crazy Enough

This week we are on Fall Break. AHH, we've worked hard this year to stay on schedule, passing up on half days and activities....so when I asked my daughter what she would like to do I expected, field trips, shopping, etc. and she did mention a few of those things but then asked if we could paint her room. We have a new comforter hidden away waiting for the time to do a mini redo of her room.

So, I'm just crazy enough to go for it.

The end of an era. Gone are the pastel colors and pretty curtains I chose for her when she was 2, Gone is the sponge painting job! We rolled on over it! 12 years ago I was Just Crazy Enough to sponge paint her entire room in a day. I'm still just crazy ENOUGH!

Naturally we couldn't just paint it one color and call it done. How about THREE colors, and a stripe in middle.

This color is called Indiana Clay - it looks orange to me and took FOUR coats to cover the wall. I used a whole can on the bottom third of the room!

This color is called Lime Green. What a boring name for such a great color! We painted the closet to match the stripe!

One thing is for sure we need music to go with a project of this magnitude. What's not on the Ipod is available on CD. I am blessed by enjoying 90% of the music my children like, so the mix was no problem for me.

Yes, it's the end of an era, 12 years ago Jessica watched her play and she napped while the base coat dried. Now, my daughter is working with me and playing with Alanna, Jessica's little girl and Alanna did the napping while we finished the final coat.

We put her hand prints on these drawers. My how little she was! My what a beautiful young lady she's become!

I learned a thing or two about painting a stripe. Measure from the floor - the ceilings crooked. Work right to left. A wet rag takes wet paint off a newly painted wall just fine! The blue tape for Delicate surfaces really doesn't peel off new paint. No matter when I paint, I get it all over me!

We will need some assistance from the greatest Dad in the world! He's gonna half to help with the hanging of the curtains...I'm modeling one of our many choices, which colors to put on the windows? One, two or all three??

My favorite color? Of course it's the blue - oh I mean Jamaica Bay!!

"I love it Mom!"

I'M SO GLAD I WAS Just Crazy Enough!!


John said...

I gotta tell you they did a great job on this room. I am very proud of my two girls for really pulling off a great paint job. It's not just the painting, but the willingness to try something new and to do it together. The room looks great and once the curtains are hung I know it will really shine.


Joni said...

LOL! When I first saw those colors I thought you were crazy. Now seeing the final product I think it looks fabulous. Great job!

Jessica said...

It's awesome! I think it fits Stephanie perfectly!!!!

Have fun on your trip!!!!

Warren said...

Looks good. Was the room properly ventilated? MAybe you can do your own home improvement show....

mom said...

What a change! That bright blue looks like what my boys chose for their room a couple of years ago :-) Yup, as they get older their tastes get more personalized...what fun!

Tammy ~@~

O'Ma said...

I think we need some FINISHED photos with stuff up and around, curtains, collectibles...etc. The colors are bold...has someone been watching too much HGTV?

David said...

no pics of me painting eh .. ic how it is.. next time u need that high corner painted ( in like 13 yrs ) i will either demand a picture be taken or i wont do it!!