Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Should Have Known

The oil light would go on in my car while my Dad was visiting.

If there is one thing I can count on it's the car needing something while my Dad is here. This time, if he did see the oil light go on he was kind about it and didn't make me feel guilty for not taking care of my car. Guess you know what I'll be doing very soon!

I don't think my Dad could ever sneak into town, my car would give him away!


Marilyn R said...

One thing I hate to do....get the oil changed on the car. The worst part is when they come up to me and say I need a new part of some type and I wonder if it is true or not. Whould they have told a man who brought the car in the same thing?

Jessica said...

Yup... Been there this weekend... It was 5000 miles over due. EEk! I think it almost caused a marital fight! I had to get it changed on Sunday afternoon after our trip to the corn maze when my low engine oil light went on....I wonder when they will have people availiable to do this at your own house? Better yet, a 24-hour service oil place.... Yes, that would be nice. Even better, if you could get a pedicure or a massage while you waited. Maybe then we would be more inclined to get the oil changed in our cars!

Warren said...

Yeah,they would tell a guy the same thing,but wouldn't use scare tactics. They'd employ the cost benefits of spend a little now or spend a BUNCH later. Meier's Amoco in Hammond runs a honest shop. I've been dealing with Tony and crew for 11 plus years. Hope your visit's going okay(other than your truck reminding you it's time for service).

This is for Jess...you know Brain waiting 5,000 miles PAST the due date is a good way to help screw up your car. But I'm sure you've had Matt saying this to you for some time....Pinky NARF!!

Jessica said...

yeah, yeah... I know... I finally got it in. It is going in for the delux treatment this week or next week... thats an ouch! I gues my radiator fluid was smudge as well.... That can't be good either. I have to say this... I DON'T LIKE CARS! If a woman designed them, they would be self cleaning like an oven!