Friday, October 5, 2007

I Love a New Calendar

Today the mail lady delivered me the New Calendar I ordered. OH, how I love a new calendar. I always have, really. As long as I can remember I have had a calendar. My first ones were those freebie ones from Hallmark - I see they still have them by the register.

I've upgraded considerably, and tried just about every variety printed, including electronic variations. I'm back to the old stand by - the tried and true hanging calendar. Except I need a BIG one. Fly Lady offers the best calendar I can find.

The reason I love a new calendar? Potential! Freshness! It's clean!

I enjoy putting in everyone's birthday and anniversary and blocking off time for this and that. I am reminded how blessed I am as I go through the past year - the vacations I've taken, the lunch dates I've made, the new babies born in our family, and the weddings that have taken place. I'm also reminded how faithful God has been through hospital visits, surgeries and Dr.'s Appointments.

Many years ago I assigned each kid a color and then our family calendar was saturated with Blue and green for each boy and some pink for my daughter. Now the calendar is almost entirely pink - my sons grown up and responsible for their own schedules. I think I might assign myself purple - that way there's not just pink on the calendar.

I've put in the Fly Lady Zones - those are zones for cleaning the house. It helps people stay focused in one area and keeps neat freaks like myself from over cleaning the place.

I'm looking forward to adding more things to this calendar this week!


Wilma L. said...

Hi Char!

I always write the special dates on my calendars too. That way I get cards mailed on time MOST OF THE TIME!!!

Carol Beth Scott said...

Joshua is Blue. Noah is Green. Hannah Beth is Pink. Isn't it funny how much we have in common?

Carol Beth

Marilyn R said...

To my dear organized friend, check my blog - you have been tagged! Have fun with that calendar - save some dates on it for lunches and hair cuts with me!

Jan Parrish said...

Don't forger to schedule some down time for yourself - coffee with your BFF's at Starbucks. :)

Becky said...

Wow, I thought I was the only person obsessed with calendars! I think once Emily starts doing activites, we'll have to do the color coded thing (hey - maybe I can use those CM pens for more than scrapbooking!) She starts swim lessons in January, so it won't be long! - Becky

Jessica said...

Calendars are great... I especially like the days that are empty!!!! Planners like us would be lost without them!!!