Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm been noticing our dog Hope is starting to show her age - just a wee bit. I imagine it's like that for us as humans. We are going through our lives, thinking we're doing just fine, we feel fine, we look pretty good and slowly things start slipping - like my eyes, I'm not as limber, a bit more tired and there's some grey hair peaking out. We start showing our age a wee bit at a time.

Completely loyal and everyone's best friend she'll follow us around the yard while we shovel, or mow and drop balls by our feet, begging us to play. She's such a good girl and drops the ball off at the door on her way in. Sometimes she holds the ball in her mouth and looks at me with those big brown eyes. Every now and then she's managed to sneak it in.

Stephanie took this photo of her - looking down at her by our back door. She barks once, waits and then barks again. I noticed the older she gets and the colder it gets outside the less time between her barks. She prefers to be wherever we are, even to the point of constantly being underfoot.

Camping is one of her favorite things to do. Once we start packing the camper we have to watch carefully because she will run out the door and slip into the car and WILL NOT get out. One time I had to go and find the choke collar and leash and literally drag her out. I'm sure that was one sight for the neighbors!

Well, Hope has had the grey hair which up until now is about all that has been giving her age away. She's going to be 12 this March. She'll still play catch with you until YOU give up, follow me around the house all day, even though she'd rather nap, and I wouldn't mind if she did that. She barks like mad when someone she knows is coming in the house, and growls if the neighbors leave late at night. The one thing I've noticed is she's a bit slower to rise after resting, and today for the first time I saw her actually trip on the front stair. We have a little two step right when you come in and it gets most healthy adults, but I've never noticed her trip on anything before. It kinda made me sad.

I'll continue to throw the ball for her and play with her as long as she wants. After all, she is the only other living being around this house that WILLINGLY cleans up - even if it is just the floor!


Joni said...

OH Charlene that makes my heart smile. When my now deceased dog was beginning to slow down and show his age I relished it. Finally he wasn't this ball of energy anymore he was cuddly and loving and didn't require so much activity. Cherish her while she is here because it is so tough when they are gone.

mom said...

It sounds like she's doing pretty well for her age. There's just nothing like a dog and their companionship!

Tammy ~@~

Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful tribute to your companion. I hope you have many more years with her.

Jessica said...

Hope is such a great dog... I still remember watching the boys while John, you and Stephnie drove to th boonies to get her... I know you hate the do hair, but I know you love her!

O'Ma said...

There is nothing like a love of a dog. They love you no matter what.