Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The green monster

What happens when you leave pureed broccoli soup in the blender to go over a math lesson with your daughter? It heats up the seal and when you pick up the blender pours out the BOTTOM!! The entire counter was green and it ran between the stove and the cabinet and I was NOT happy for the moment.

NOW I wished I had taken a photo for you before I cleaned it up. But I didn't. I had to pull the cabinet out from between the stove and fridge to clean up the soup that had run down between them.

Can I PLEASE go out to eat tomorrow?????????

No, I can do this, I know I can!! Even though it seemed very odd to sit and the table and eat dinner just my hubby and I - I was glad that we ate at home. Then we ran to the store to buy a new heater for the aquarium - my fish were swimming in 95 degree water - they must have really felt tropical!! I can't believe they lived!! And the heater was turned as low as it could go. BRR for them now that the new heater is in.


mom said...

Good for you in hanging in there with your cooking challenge and making out your menu ahead of time! If there's only two instead of six eating, so be it. There's a few things on our menu that my kids actually prefer warmed up as leftovers :-)

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that the clumsy gene is being well represented. Better luck next time. If the fish died,you could've used them for your menu!!

Marilyn R said...

Poor Char! Such a mess to clean up! I could think of better things to eat then broccoli though!!!! :-)

Jessica said...

It is worth it... And the soup was yummy (Even if it made your house smell like sweaty socks!)

O'Ma said...

Just another reason why you should not stay home and cook for a week.