Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Girl's Night Out & Progress

Birthday gift cards were burning a hole in the birthday girl's pocket and tonight due to some unforeseen events we had a Girl's Night Out. We headed straight to the new Delia's at the mall - that's where the gift cards were!

Thanks to a very generous Uncle and thoughtful Brother the shopping went easy, and there is even some left over for another special day.

The best/worst part of the trip was dinner. We weren't really hungry so we ate at Wetzel's pretzels....then my sweet tooth took hold - which doesn't happen often...I can count on ONE hand how many times I have bought a cookie at the mall let alone a BAG of them...but buy a bag of TWENTY little cookies I sure did....I purposely put the bag in the BACK seat of the car on the way home. I was SCARING myself!

I really don't want to count those Weight Watcher Points...but I'm not hungry for dinner now. =)

The other MAJOR thing I did was spend a little time working on "The Darling" Here's my progress......

...only a scrapbooker can understand this!


Marilyn R said...

Great progress on the Darling! I am looking forward to seeing the birthday girl wear her new purchases. Girl's nights are sooooo much fun!

Charlene said...

Did you notice tonight she was wearing one of her new outfits? She is really growing up now don't you think?

Jessica said...

Stephanies picks are super cute. I can't believe os big she is getting. It almost makes me want to cry just thinking about it... Not to mention me wanting to cry because Im getting older too

Delia's looks like it was a winner... I especially like the cami's!

I am glad to know that my niece is a super shopper too!